About Us

Cheat Lake Campers United is a group of past, present and future camping enthusiasts who wish to preserve camping at Cheat Lake, West Virginia.

We have come together to to express our feelings and concerns about the elimination of overnight camping, the removal of structures and the eventual elimination of these these campsites. Past and current lessee’s have labored over the years to construct erosion resistance, ground leveling, platforms, docks and approved structures. In many cases generations of campers have been raised on Cheat Lake learning to swim, ski, dive, BBQ, play games, tell campfire stories, fish for dinner, enjoy nature and enjoy each other on Cheat Lake. We believe the history and nostalgia of the campsites can be preserved. ¬†We were unaware of the public meetings of 2012 and hope to be represented in future meetings concerning the future of ¬†camping on Cheat Lake.

We invite all interested parties to discuss their concerns on our website in the hopes that campers, power companies, lake organizations, local residents and the general public can enjoy the benefits of Cheat Lake.

PLEASE REGISTER TO TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE WEBSITE. You must register to view or post stories and photos. This site is designed for everyone to express their concerns. Campers please call the officials associated with the links provided and post your concerns or commentary.